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The Committee meets the first Tuesday of Every month at 7:30pm in the Library

Committee's Duty

 C.  Executive Committee

 The Executive Committee shall meet as required, or when called by the moderator, to discuss extraordinary or unforeseen circumstances/events.

  • Composition

The Executive Committee shall consist of five members: Moderator, Vice Moderator, Treasurer,  an elected  Council member and the Pastor who is ex-officio.

  • Responsibilities

Unless otherwise directed by the Church Council, the responsibilities are:

  1. Carry out duties delegated to it by the Church Council and implement decisions made by the Council.

  2. Deal with jurisdictional conflicts within the Church and its organizations.

  3. Communicate emergency matters that require Council action.

  4. Attend to matters not feasibly or duly addressed by the Church Council.

  5. Act as a Personnel Committee in supervising and evaluating the pastorate and staff in the performance of their duties, and keep the Council informed.

  6. May review financial statements in June/December of all Church organizations.

  7. Function as a Pastoral advisory committee, serving as a sounding board for the minister on issues which he may desire or need to consider. Attend to the needs of the pastor and arrange for pulpit supply.

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