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Council Duty


   The Church Council which represents the collective will of the Church membership is the overall policy and procedure making body and will implement provisions of the Bylaws. The Council is accountable to the congregation. It shall meet at least ten times a year with additional meetings whenever necessary or called by the Executive Committee, or by the Moderator.

A.Composition / Term of Office / Voting

  • Council Members:  will consist of six members. Council Members will be elected for a term of one year with eligibility to be re-elected to any office. All six council members are voting member.

  • Council Officers: will consist of Moderator, Clerk, and Treasurer . Each of the three officers, will be elected for a term of one year with the eligibility to be re-elected to any office. The three Council Officers are voting members.

  • Other Members: The Pastor and immediate past Moderator are ex-officio, non-voting members of the Council. 

  • The total voting members in Church Council will be Nine, the six Council Members, and the       three Council Officers.   There will be a maximum limit of five(5) consecutive years of service for        any position after which the individual has to be out of Council for one year. The Council members    and the Officers will be nominated / elected during February’s Congregational meeting.


All active Church members are eligible to hold Church offices provided that they regularly attend   Sunday worship services, are involved in this Church’s activities ,  support the church financially, and have paid pledge during the previous year.

C.Conflict of Interest

  • Family Members on the Council

Members of the same family may hold office on the Council at the same time with the exception of husband and wife.

  • Action Concerning Family Member

Whenever a potential conflict of interest and/or appearance of impropriety exists due to family or friendship ties, the individual on Church Council or committee shall be excused from said discussions and/or action.

  • Individuals with Interests Outside of the Church

An individual on a committee, subcommittee,  or the  Church Council who is also an officer, director or managing agent of an organization outside of the Church, shall be prohibited from voting on issues relating to transactions between the Church and such outside organization.

D. Areas of Responsibilities

  • Establishment of Church Policies

It is understood that the Council shall be responsible for initiating the policies of the Church.  They shall take action after considering the recommendations of the Pastor, and the approval of the


  • Spiritual

  1. Establish policies to govern the ministry of the Church including the worship service, the Sunday school and the Youth group.    

  2. Oversee the preparation and administration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

  3. Approve the reception and termination of members in accordance with these bylaws.

  4. Direct a program of relief for the needy.

  5. Review and evaluate the content of the Church services.

  6. Assist the Pastor with visitation and ministering to the sick, bereaving or indifferent members.

  7. Supervise the Worship Committee.


  • Administrative

  1. Direct ushering;   welcome the guests; organize the fellowship hour;  and  supply  candles, flowers, and appropriate decorations for the pulpit.

  2. Maintain and review the membership list annually to support budgeting and voting.

  3. Revise and approve all proposed amendments to the bylaws or articles of incorporation for presentation at congregational meetings.

  4. Elect a vice moderator at the first Council meeting following the new fiscal year; such a person shall be member of the Council.  The Vice Moderator shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the Moderator in case of the temporary absence of the Moderator from the Church Council or Executive Meetings.

  5. Appoint a nominating committee and approve the slate of candidates selected by the nominating committee for election by the congregation.

  6. Formulate policies that affect the use of the Church facilities.

  7. Appoint a facility manager and assistant to care for the maintenance of the entire Church facility including all furnishings, appliances and equipment.  The facility manager / assistant will be in charge of the facility rentals.

  8. Review and make recommendations upon pastoral vacancy.

  9. Schedule annual Church events and approve the Church calendar.

  10. Prepare and maintain job description for each staff position.


  • Financial

  1. Review the annual budget and make necessary modifications prior to its presentation at the annual congregational meeting. 

  2.  Raise funds and oversee their disbursement.

  3. Be responsible for the collection of the offerings during all worship services.

  4. Be informed about the activities, budgets and plans of the Church organizations.

  5. Nominate an auditing committee to review the financial statements of all Church affiliated organizations.

  6. Appoint an Assistant Treasurer from the Council.

A.Officers’ Responsibilities

  • Moderator

  1. Preside at all Council, Executive Committee, and Congregational Meetings.

  2. Call regularly scheduled and special Council and Executive Committee meetings whenever necessary.

  3. Oversee the budget and ensure that the expenditures do not exceed the total income.

  4. Keeps being fully informed about Church matters and confers with the pastor about all aspects of Church work.

  5. Be an ex-officio member of the Council, committees, and organizations except the nominating Committee.

  6. Be responsible for the execution of Council and Executive Committee resolutions.

  7. In the absence of the pastor, see that administrative and ministerial duties are fulfilled by the appropriate personnel.

  8. Be the chief lay delegate to all conferences and conventions in which ACEC takes an active part such as the AMAA and the AEUNA meetings, or designate a replacement.

  9. Be the chief lay spokesperson for the Church in and out of the Church.

  10. Appoint a parliamentarian annually, prior to the congregational meeting, to ensure compliance with Robert’s Rules of Order.


  • Clerk

  1. Be responsible for the recording of all business transactions at the Congregational Meetings, and Council meetings

  2. Maintain a record (log) indexing all resolutions made by the Council, and Executive Committee by code number and subject.

  3. Keep a master file of all Council and Executive Committee meeting minutes as well as inter-Church and incoming and outgoing correspondence.

  4. Assist the pastor in keeping the official Church record book of members, baptisms, marriages, and deaths, and of all official correspondence.


  • Treasurer

  1. Be responsible for the receipt, accounting, safekeeping and deposit of all funds in the Church bank account in which deposits are guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  Money thus deposited shall be withdrawn only by checks signed by the Treasurer or the Moderator.  Money deposited shall be withdrawn only by electronic transfer (On-Line Banking) or check signed by the Treasurer or Moderator.

  2. Be responsible to prepare a proposed budget for the next fiscal year. The proposed budget shall be approved by the Church Council at the December meeting.

  3. Be responsible to the Council consistent with the approved Church budget.

  4. Present a monthly and year to date written report to the Church Council.

  5. Present an annual report to the members of the congregation at the February Congregational Meeting.

  6. Present his/her records for auditing by the Auditing Committee prior to the February Congregational Meeting.

  7. The treasurer may be covered by a surety bond.

  8. Participate in the auditing of the accounts of all Church Organizations, in which he/she has no responsibility.


  • Council members

  1.  All Council members, including the Officers, shall be assigned specific responsibilities at the first meeting of the newly elected Council.

  2. The areas of activities and specific responsibilities are detailed in the Attachment 1 of the By-Laws.

  3. The assignments  will be  initiated by the Moderator in agreement with the members of the Council   


   All vacancies in elective offices shall be filled by the appointment of the Church Council until the next February meeting at which time a successor shall be elected for the unexpired term.  All vacancies in appointive offices shall be filled by the Church Council.

A.Absentee Officers

   The Church Council shall have the right to replace any elected Church officer or Council member who is absent for three (3) consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse.  The new appointee shall serve until the next February meeting, when the congregation shall elect the new Council.

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